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Friday, September 24, 2004

BT's telephone rip off

Cheap phone lines
Internet Telecommunications Plc will half the cost of line rental that BT charges.

Cheap phone calls

If you register at call18866 your telephone calls cost 1p. (They are actually free, but there is a 1p connection charge).
This is obviously a gross simplification of what is a legally binding contract, but it gives the general picture. The calls cost 1p, no matter how long they are.

There's an article about it on here.

All calls to landlines are 1p for as long as you like. (Except 0845, 0870 etc)
You can set it so you are told how much the call costs before connection.
You have to dial 18866 before the number you want to ring.
Calls to mobiles are 12p/min through the week and 2p/min at week-ends.

Cheap directory enquiries
You can get free directory enquiries on the internet at, and

There's an article about it on here

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