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Sunday, May 30, 2004

American Law

Teen arrested, charged with felony for saving girlfriend's life with his athsma inhaler

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Iraq stuff

We sold him what!?

This flash animation comes up with some not very well known facts about the history of America and Iraq.

Part of which has plenty of other flash animations, a great links page and more.

Jogging in the twilight zone

Haider Hamoudi's account of a jog, around the (American controlled) Green Zone of Baghdad, is a well written article that gives an idea of what life is like in Baghdad (I imagine).

Haider Hamoudi is an Iraqi-American lawyer now working on a US government-funded legal-education project in Iraq.

Click-through graphics,12793,876854,00.html

The Guardian has a Click-through graphics on Iraq including such things as

Saddam Hussein's capture


Type in "miserable failure" then click I'm Feeling Lucky.
Typing in "unelectable" gets the same page.

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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Free money

if you open a bank account with First Direct, they will credit £25 to your account (residents of the United Kingdom only).

Update: - you now have to get your wages paid into your account to qualify. Also, if your interested, I can recommend you, so I score too!

first direct is a division of HSBC Bank plc.

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The Matrix - ASCII version

This is a massive (broadband only) file, of scenes from The Matrix made up of alpha numeric characters.

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Secret Worlds: The Universe Within

has a picture that starts 10 million light years away, and gets closer and closer in a succession of steps.

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The Webby Awards

"The Webby Awards is a year-round effort measuring the best of the Web both in quality and in quantity."

This site lists what they reckon are the best sites in a number of categories. Well worth a look.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Bridge chosen for £1 coin design

"The Gateshead Millennium Bridge has been chosen to appear on a new design for £1 coins.
The coin will be in circulation in three years and is one of a series featuring bridge designs."

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European Cup final

Porto 3-0 Monaco
It was the Champions League final tonight. Traditionally the end of the season. I know there's the play-offs to come, which are usually excellent, but for me, the "European Cup" final is a landmark.

Man U bought Alan Smith from Leeds today for £7million. Radio 5 Live who are doing a shirt amnesty suggested that the Leeds fans could donate their Alan Smith shirts.

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Nerd stuff

This is where I store all the links that might be useful to the running of websites. Some of them may be useful to you. At the moment I can't save favourites on my PC, so I store a lot of the nerdy links here. This also means I keep a copy of them when I format my hard drive.

I have set up an emailing list, which sends attachments with the emails.
"Email is a very inefficient way of transferring large files; especially as encoding the files into a text email inflates the size somewhat." (from here).

  • Hotmail ( ) "the file size limit for Hotmail users is 500Kb - the whole message must be less than 1Mb" (from Using Hotmail).
  • Gmail ( ) has a limit of 10MB, which is big enough for most files. Does anyone want an invite?
  • Walla ( ) I don't think has a limit. This will be looked into. It allows easily set up mailing lists too.
  • SpyMac ( ) "the total encoded size of the email message you are sending cannot exceed 25 MB".
  • Rediff ( ) has a 10MB limit.
  • Runbox ( ) allows attachments, don't know if there's a limit.
  • YouSendIt ( ) has a 1 GB limit.

Do you know the size limits of the attachments for your email address?
If you do, can you email me.

IP check will tell you what your IP is.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Two sites I have come across that attempt to determine your political beliefs by asking questions and analysing your answers.

President match compares your answers to those of the American presidential candidates.

Political compass attempts to find how left and right you are as well as how liberal/authoritarian you are.

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Re-location of

I have decided to re-start, but in the form of a web-log.

All the usual stuff will be here, useful links interspersed with the mad ramblings of an old fool, or something like that.

This page is now accessed directly with now, you can still use if you prefer.

The old version is still available at

Please feel free to add your comments, suggestions, links etc.