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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Football spreadsheets

Micheal Wray is an expert in Excel and has spent a lot of time and effort making these very detailed and useful free spreadsheets for the upcoming 2008-09 season.

Download the spreadsheet for the 2008-09 Premier League here.
Download the spreadsheet for the 2010 World Cup qualifiers here

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Friday, July 25, 2008

20 great sporting moments

Part 1 in a series of significant moments as a sports spectator.

1970 FA Cup Final - Leeds v Chelsea
21/6/70 World Cup Final - Brazil v Italy
8/3/71 "The Fight of the Century" - Ali vs Frazier 1
1973 England v Poland - World cup qualifier
28/1/74 Ali-Frazier II at Madison Square Gardens
30/10/74 "The Rumble in The Jungle" - Muhammad Ali vs George Foreman
1/10/75 "The Thrilla in Manilla" - Ali v Frazier 3
20/6/80 "The Brawl in Montreal" - Roberto Duran v Sugar Ray Leonard
1980 Olympics 800m final - Coe v Ovett
1980 Olympics 1500m final - Coe v Ovett
1981 Ashes - Ian Botham
5/7/82 Italy v Brazil - World Cup second round
8/7/82 World Cup semi-final - France v Germany
15/6/1984 Duran v Hearns
1985 Snooker World Championship - Steve Davis v Dennis Taylor
1985 Ryder Cup The Belfry Golf & Country Club (no video)
22/6/86 World Cup quarter-final - England v Argentina
1987 FA Cup Final - Spurs v Coventry
1988 Olympics 100m Final - Ben Johnson v Carl Lewis
3/7/90 World Cup semi-final - England v Germany

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The 10 greatest episodes of Doctor Who ever


"With the final episode of series four approaching, the Daily Telegraph's in-house team of Doctor Who buffs (including, we might add, Gavin Fuller, who won Mastermind in 1993 with Doctor Who as his specialist subject) has compiled a countdown of the sci-fi spectacular's finest ever episodes. They've been selected from both the original era (1963-89) and the new (from 2005); in some cases, multi-part storylines have been counted as single episodes".

While I'm on the subject... from 2004
In pictures: Doctor Who's assistants (@
Lost tapes of the Dr Who composer (@

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How to disable Error Reporting (XP)


" 1. Right click on “My Computer,” choose “Properties” from that menu.
2. Click on “Advanced tab,”
3. Click the “Error Reporting” button.
4. Check the “Disable error reporting” box. You may choose to uncheck the the box below it, “But notify me when an error occurs,” if desired. "

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Football picture quiz
"The players featured here are amongst the best footballers that have ever graced the game.

Each question will be the same, namely "Who is this?"together with, a photo of, the international record of, and some text (taken from Wikipedia) about, a great footballer.

Each player has retired from international football, so there will be no current internationals.

No-one will get them all, some will be easy, some will be difficult. No cheating, the quiz is designed for you to answer before you navigate away from the page.

When you reach the bottom of the page click "Older Posts" for more questions.

Answers can be submitted to me (tim[AT]ne99[DOT]com), or you can put your answers in the comments."

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Bond trailer makes online debut

"The trailer for the next Bond adventure Quantum of Solace has been shown for the first time on the internet.

Daniel Craig again stars as 007."

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

10 Worst Moments of the Bush Presidency


"A shorter version of our long national nightmare".

God bless America.

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