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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Google Anon


The sales pitch
"If someone was peering over your shoulder, watching every Google search you made; making a note of what you looked for; what you found; and sometimes where you visited from the results; (and maybe every email you sent and received); and did so for years and years: they'd grow to know quite a bit about you, eh? Well, that's what [...] Google [...] do, forever, if you don't take simple precautions".

What is it?
After right clicking on a link on Milly's page, select Bookmark This Link... (Favourites in MS internet explorer).
You now have a link which can be clicked on when you visit a google page. This will break the link between you and the data google has amassed.

The page Milly has written explains it all a lot better than I can. It has a faq section which covers most things.

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