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Sunday, May 07, 2006

TV on the internet

For what's on TV listings, I use You have to register to get the benefit of tailoring which stations you want to display. I find it an easy way to display the channels available on freeview.
Alternatively , for a simple single channel view as a list try which has descriptions on the programme too.

For TV downloads my first port of call is UK Nova. Again, you have to register, but this site has most of the programmes I watch (Match of the Day, Doctor Who) and a good selection of British television programmes.

For streaming links ie. live television I am usually wanting to watch live football, so I'd go to, or I'd look at this list of available channels showing football, sport as well as everything else.
For people with a broader spectrum of television entertainment COM FM tv, Nuke Radio TV and WWitv all list available TV feeds.

Screen select lets you rent DVDs, at a monthly charge.
imdb - the internet movie database gives details on all films and TV programs in the UK.

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