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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Keegan's first BBC interview since leaving Newcastle


"I saw an interview with Alan Pardew afterwards where he said he hoped to get some of the £35million and I thought, 'Alan, you ain't going to get any of that'.

"I want to see Newcastle do well... I think £35million for Andy Carroll...if I'd been manager I'd have took it, but how can you spend it on the last day of the transfer window?

"My big argument was that we were selling James Milner for a lot of money - probably above the valuation we put on him - and I said, 'Please don't sell him before we get someone in, I've got four days'.

"The reason I didn't want them to put that out and to hold on a little longer was so I could get a good value signing with the money. If you sell Milner for £11million then they say, 'If he's worth £11million, our guy must be worth £9million."

"It's business, it's the sensible way to do it."